Does Infrared Sauna Work?

What is an infrared sauna? How does an infrared sauna work? IR saunas work by heating the body in the same was as the sun, but without any harmful UV rays. The spectrum of light in the sauna is absorbed into the skin and improves blood flow in deep tissue. This promotes healing of microtraumas, […]

Whole Body Cryotherapy and Your Workout

Did you know by adding whole body cryotherapy to your workout recovery you will heal faster and burn more calories? Tired of not seeing results after hours in the gym?  Spin classes not enough? Are you doing 1,000 crunches per day and you still cannot see a six-pack? The problem might be that you are […]

We Provide Sports Recovery

We provide sports recovery in Orange County. While there are plenty of boutique gyms there are only a few recovery centers.