What Is Salt Room Therapy?

Halotherapy, also known as salt room therapy, is used to support respiratory health and promote overall wellness.  Salt rooms became a discussion in the medical community in 1843 after physician Feliks Boczkowski noticed that salt mine workers did not have the same lung disorders that coal miners did.  During WWII German doctor Karl Spannagel noticed […]

How Expensive is a Sauna Membership?

With the weather getting colder many people start to consider a sauna membership. In Orange County saunas are available everywhere, but make sure you don’t spend too much money or lower your standards. Cryo Recovery Lounge offers a flat rate of $99 per month for unlimited sauna. Compare that with Perspire Unlimited at $159 per […]

Is InstaSculpting Like Cool Sculpting?

Is InstaSculpting like Cool Sculpting? While both offer non-invasive slimming and fat reduction there are not the same procedure. InstaSculpting is not like Cool Sculpting because it uses painless sound waves to break up stubborn fat. Cool Sculpting uses cold to freeze fat cells so they break apart, but it can be painful and it […]

Body Contouring? Will it help?

Body contouring is different from instaSculpting, but will it help? Body contouring is a method to build muscle and burn fat in areas that you want to improve. While instaSculpting uses cavitation and radio frequency to burst fat cells and tighten skin, contouring is a different method. Body and muscle contouring uses electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) […]

Strength Training in Orange County

Coastal Orange County is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful people, and now strength training. Everyday you can see active people exercising and building toned bodies. But what is available for recovery after the training and exercise class? Cryo Recovery Lounge is the only place in OC to find all of the below amenities […]

InstaSculpting: The New Era of Body Sculpting

Have you ever wanted toned abs and arms but simply never have the time to workout everyday? Dieting is also a pain to maintain and nearly impossible to stay dedicated to. Maybe you do have a healthy lifestyle, but can’t seem to banish those stubborn fat cells around your tummy. Well, there’s a solution: InstaSculpting.  […]

NormaTec: the Benefits of Compression

NormaTec compression therapy has combined thousands of years of scientific innovations to promote a new way of healing. The NormaTec compression suit yields several restoring benefits to the body. These benefits include the following: increased circulation, enhanced range of motion, faster and stronger recovery, and reduction of pain sensitivity. The History of Compression Therapy Building […]

Can Freezing Your Body Help You Age Better?

Does freezing your body help with aging? Some countries–particularly Scandinavian countries–believe that exposing your body to extreme cold can prevent age related illnesses. Cold therapies for the face such as jade rollers (or ice rollers) have become very popular lately to help with skin tightening. But what is the science behind the source? Can freezing […]

What is a Mild Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber comes in two forms: hospital grade and “mild.” Hospitals use this to treat non-healing wounds, burns, and decompression sickness from scuba diving. Athletes use this therapy to recover from athletic injury. How does it work, and should you be doing it? Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy For non-hospital use many athletes use this […]

Does Instasculpting Work?

InstaSculpting is a weight loss method that uses sound waves to break up fat cells. How does InstaSculpting work? It uses a technology called ultrasonic cavitation. This uses sound waves that break up fat cells. How does this work? The procedure is painless and usually takes less than an hour. During the treatment an esthetician […]