How expensive is a sauna membership two women sitting in an infrared sauna

With the weather getting colder many people start to consider a sauna membership. In Orange County saunas are available everywhere, but make sure you don’t spend too much money or lower your standards. Cryo Recovery Lounge offers a flat rate of $99 per month for unlimited sauna. Compare that with Perspire Unlimited at $159 per month. Not only are you saving $60 per month you are enjoying the same exact sauna with a much lower use rate.

How Many People Sweat In Here?

A sauna membership may be expensive, but it is more than the monthly fee. You have to consider how often the sauna is used and cleaned. Franchise sauna studios have more people dripping in their saunas than anywhere else. Boutique saunas have designed their memberships to keep traffic low. Furthermore, with skin conditions like MRSA and now COVID the skin and respiratory health of patrons is at an all time high.

What Does A Sauna Membership Include?

A sauna membership is often just that: the sauna. Franchise sauna locations advertise that they can offer more availability because they have more saunas. Boutique saunas such as Cryo Recovery Lounge offer fewer reservations on purpose, but they also offer more amenities. Cryo Recovery Lounge offers the sauna in infrared and Red Light, but also offers the following in the same location:

But people who seek out saunas are often active and need these types of services. Why not join a membership where these amenities are already offered?

How Often Can I Use The Sauna?

Using the sauna has amazing health benefits. Most people enjoy a sauna 2 to 3 times per week. Athletes and fitness buffs sometimes will use the sauna after every workout. No matter how often you use the sauna your body will benefit from the heat and light. Finally, as an added bonus many people enjoy the quiet and solitude of the sauna as a break from their busy schedules.